Soul Cafe

By Ciera Freeman

Staff Reporter

250 GGC students met inside of the LVIS auditorium for this year’s annual Soul Café event on Friday, Nov. 7.

A combination of original music, unique art creations, spoken word, song covers, and dance choreography all contributed to the show put on by students. The Black Student Union hosted the event. In addition to putting on a vibrant and entertaining show, Soul Café also served as a charity event.

Over 150 donations and food items were raised by the organization. The donations were turned in at entry for those who wished to participate in exchange for a raffle ticket that, if chosen, would mean concert tickets to see Grammy-nominated artist The Weeknd in Atlanta.

Quinn Mayes is the president of Black Student Union (BSU) and oversaw the event as a whole. From holding auditions, choosing the lineup, and making sure all of the finer details were in place, Mayes worked on this event for a number of weeks to ensure it could be the best show possible.
“As official stand-in president, this was my first time coordinating an event in this position. We looked for individuals who had a great stage presence, individuals who were different and individuals who had messages involving culture,” said Mayes.

There was no age requirement for people that wished to be in the audience, but due to some adult content, the use of profanity, and sexual innuendos, the show was probably not suitable for child audience.

Soul Café opened with a dance number and greetings from the hosts.Halfway through the performance there was an intermission that allowed for the members of the audience to feast upon “soul food favorites.” Items included fried chicken, fried fish, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and peach cobbler for dessert.

After the intermission, the second half of the show started on a more calming note. An R&B dance number was followed by a soulful medley sang by GGC student Dreon Young, who entertained the crowd with a combination of his vocal ability and piano skills.

“I see Soul Cafe as a creative outlet to allow artist to express themselves and the tradition of Soul Café was created for that specific reason to bring us all together no matter how you look who you are or where you are from to enjoy and vibe through the artistic expressions,” said Mayes.

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