Netflix review: Expendables 3

By Micah Siebel  – Staff Contributor

Expendables 3 … Was it everything you and I anticipated it being? Absolutely! As the movie opens, I flash back to the Rocky days, slightly annoyed that Stallone and the Russian jerk (Dolph Lungren) are even friends, but I keep watching. The Expendables Crew is down and out, with just a handful of men left. As they get called to their first mission they find and old adversary working under a new alias — and adversary assumed dead — Stonebanks (Mel Gibson). In predictable fashion, you see some hardcore displays of skill in the first scene, with our favorite team of five men running into a massive pile of dung.

Yet they manage to blow some stuff up, obliterate 50 men and kick butt in an incredible and unrealistic truck rally where you see some nasty old 80s or 90s loading dock trucks charging through walls and catching a launched boat, all while going 60 mph. The startling part of the seemingly unrealistic driving scene is that it was not all fake. One of the major stories that came out of production was that one of these trucks actually had a brake failure during one the scenes, and Jason Stratham put his diving skills into action by breaking out of the sinking truck and saving his own life. So if it seems like the fear was real, there’s a pretty good chance it was.

After that early battle Stallone decides that he doesn’t want to lose the rest of his friends, so in a rush he recruits the craziest group of new and young expendable fighters he can find. Stonebanks succeeds in upsetting everyone watching as he throws every not only his personal skills into the fight, but an entire military at the newly assembled Expendables team. Will they succeed? What do you think? It’s Sylvester Stallone! Is it worth the relatively predictable storyline to watch the sweet explosions, gunfire, stunts and obliteration of buildings? Yes. DO IT!

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