Letter from the Editor: How are we doing? How are you doing?

By Laura Walsh


GGC Students, Faculty, and Staff:
Thank you for your continued support of our newspaper! Please continue reading and sharing our articles. Most importantly, let us know what you think! Let us know what you like or dislike on social media or by email so that we know what our readers want to see.

We can’t be the voice of the Grizzlies if nobody makes their voice heard. What’s your favorite puzzle for the back page? Would you prefer to color a mandala? Or would you prefer to solve a sudoku puzzle? I would also be happy to respond to any letters to the editor if anyone has questions or comments. Just send an email to TheGlobeGGC@gmail.com or to Lwalsh1@ggc.edu with the subject line as “Letter to the Editor.” I will include the letters and responses in future papers.

Just make sure to start sending in your letters!

This is a great way to start a conversation and find out what issues are important for our reporters to investigate. As for this semester, I hope that everyone is reaching the end of their classes and the end of the semester without reaching the end of their rope. It’s been a tough semester for everyone I know and especially for myself. Switching from Political Science to English was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and keeping up with the newspaper hasn’t been easy.

I hope that our publication delays haven’t caused any frustration for our readers. We planned on being institutionalized by the end of this semester, but it’s not looking like that will happen. We still have a few obstacles to overcome like writing up our code of ethics and making adjustments to our budget plan.
How do you feel about an institutionalized student newspaper? Let us know what you think about the plan or if you feel like we should focus on independence. Trying to balance schoolwork, jobs, and other employment hasn’t left enough time to complete the extra tasks associated with institutionalizing.

Now that we know the time commitments at hand, we will be planning to set aside additional time to finish the process early next semester. We will be releasing one paper over the winter break in order to cover December graduation and have papers ready for the next semester.

We will not be putting together a newspaper for January in order to allow additional time for developing plans to institutionalize The Globe. It has been a tough semester for meetings as well. We have received many great submissions, but attendance at our meetings has been very low.

Whether you are a current member on our GetInvolved page, or you’re just curious about helping with the newspaper, please take the time to join us for our meetings. We also have a few of our members graduating in December which means that we are looking for new talent to join our core team.

We need members who are passionate about business and marketing to help up with our advertisement sales, managing finances, and designing promotional flyers and materials. We need writers and photographers to cover events going on around campus, and we need proofreaders and editors to ensure that we are presenting quality work.

There is also opportunity for students to help distribute papers around campus, help with surveys, and help deveop video and audio news. Opportunities abound, but we need your help!

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