Have GGC Students Resolved Themselves in 2016?

By Monique Upchurch
The New Year notoriously brings the wishful and sometimes dreadful New Year’s resolutions. While some consider it to be a positive approach for incentive, others, our fellow students in particular, view them as nothing more than an absolute way to disappoint oneself.

After surveying thirty GGC students of various years and majors, it became overwhelmingly clear that the magic of the “fresh start” concept may be lost throughout campus. “Resolutions are pointless. I can never seem to keep them,” said Jeremy Williams, a third year Biology major.

As for the few who aim to improve themselves through a resolution, they mainly hope to develop better studying habits. “I procrastinated all of last semester and it really slowed me down, so this year I want to stay on top of my work,” says freshman Meghan Thomas.

Others such as Pearl Streete and Erykah Mitchell have taken time to reflect on past relationships in 2015. Streete is looking forward to redirecting her focus onto herself. “I’ve spent too much time yearning for partnerships to fulfill me, so my resolution is to work on fulfilling myself,” she explains.

According to a recent BuzzFeed article published over the holiday, a pattern was revealed among the intentions of women for the upcoming year. A majority of women between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five vowed not to put more energy into romantic affairs than they put into their own lives.

“Being in a relationship right now isn’t as important as being in school. I make this same New Year’s resolution every year,” said Mitchell and insists she means it this year.

Undoubtedly, many GGC students may still object to this. Obsolete or constructive; either way, New Year’s resolutions are an immense tradition.

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