GGC10 Unveilings

A portrait of GGC’s former president, Dr. Daniel Kaufman was unveiled at the Academic Convocation on Sept. 17. Dr. Kaufman also presented GGC’s ceremonial mace during the event.
Current president Dr. Stas Preczewski introduced Dr. Kaufman, who assumed position as GGC’s president when the school was still an unnamed state college in 2005.
“Seeing this portrait reminds of an experience that I had in my last semester as president here at GGC,” said Dr. Kaufman.
Dr. Kaufman was invited to speak at Dr. Ellen Rafshoon’s American history class about his experiences in Vietnam. When asked to complete an evaluation of Dr. Kaufman’s speech, one student wrote, “I enjoyed Dr. Kaufman’s presentation very much. Dr. Kaufman is like a living artifact from another era.”
Dr. Kaufman said he views the protract and a confirmation of his ‘artifact’ status.
The framed portrait is an enhanced digital photo. Dr. Kaufman poses in a suit in front of the GGC flag and the American flag.GGC has evolved since it was founded 10 year years ago, but some things remain the same: GGC’s core values and its standards of academic excellence. The Ceremonial Mace embodies these values; it was presented during Convocation.
Mark Bryan designed the mace in 2008, but did not begin the project until he was given the green light from President Preczewski. Bryan worked with 3D Designs in Tyrone, Ga., and specified which elements to use.
“It was one of those general projects that comes around once in a lifetime,” said Bryan. “That text to the college seal was also one of my designs. It’s one of those signature seals that will always represent GGC, and it’s so cool to be a part of that.”
“It looks like a casket,” Dr. Kaufman said of the black box he and Dr. Preczewski hauled to the front of the stage. Kaufman opened the case to hold GGC’s Ceremonial Mace. It is made of various metals, as well as acrylic and birch.
The acrylic symbolizes GGC’s innovation and modern approach to higher education; the torch illuminates with a green LED light and represents the light of education and the opportunities education creates. Gold knobs represent GGC’s leaders; stainless steel represents GGC’s staff and the structure they provide; bronze represents GGC’s faculty. The birch handle represents GGC students and their innovative efforts. GGC’s four pillars: scholarship, leadership, creativity and service are inlaid in the birch handle.

By Julie Thompson
Staff Reporter

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