GGC fashion is charged with success

By Quinn Mayes

Staff Reporter

More than 400 guests were treated to a runway presentation of fashion trends, skits, and killer catwalks, all charged with success. “The beginning of the show was pretty hectic — we had to deal with an influx of individuals coming in to LVIS all at once which was very overwhelming. We had to deal with getting task such as lighting, and mic checks, and just seeing all our hard work paid off felt great.

The experience overall was a thrilling one and I was happy that I had an opportunity to be a part of it,” GGC senior, resident assistant Neshanee Johnson said. Ryan Smith hosted residence life’s fifth-annual fashion show on Tuesday, Nov. 3. The event was themed Charged with Success, centered on bringing forth the issues and challenges faced by minorities with police officers.

“We got the idea from our supervisor, Sandrine, with everything going on in the nation right now as far as police brutality, we wanted to shed light on that issue and we wanted to
create something positive out of the negativity, which is why we created the theme Charged with Success,” GGC senior, resident assistant Bakari Benton said.

Models strutted their stuff on the catwalk in personally styled designs, which left the traditional runway rules behind. Yes, we worked really hard — I remember awesome holiday bash coming up soon and it is open to the GGC community. having our practices for the past couple of weeks from around 9:30 p.m. to 12 a.m.,but seeing everyone tonight do well on the runway was pretty cool and totally worth it.”

The night began with a compilation of videos showing guests the realities of police violence and discussing the truths of the police brutality America. The event took place in LVIS, upholding the traditional runway platform embellished with multicolor lights and upbeat tracks mixed by Urban 365 radio’s very own Aj the DJ.

“The theme was a brilliant idea. I really appreciate how they discussed harsh realities of police brutality in America with the black community, and I liked how they related that specific issue and combined it with the theme of individualism — something people face in everyday life whether it being LGBT, goofy, girly, whatever; it gave individuals the opportunity to be them and to showcase that,” GGC sophomore, SGA senator Marri Brown said. Next up was the graduation skit, showcasing individuals and how they overcame the adversity one may face when attending school. This particular scene hit home for some models and organizers who were graduating this upcoming December 17.
“This is a huge achievement in my life. I am first to attend and graduate college in my family. When my team and I came up with the theme for this specific scene and saw all our hard work pay off when we received the positive response from the crowd, it really felt great to be apart and it somewhat gave me anticipation for December 17,” GGC senior Ryan Smiths said.

The business scene showcased how individuals personally defined business casual. “How you dress says a lot about your character I believe it is imperative to carry yourself in a certain way — professionalism to me is something important,” said GGC senior and African Voice VP, Obu Obu.

Following was a skit where individuals were playing basketball and had to face the adversities of having to be in the crossfire of unjust policing.“It was interesting to get the opportunity toactually act out this particular situation and to help individuals see the marginalization of a particular group.” said GGC senior, Timothy Walker.

Last but not least was the “Be me Be free” scene, which allowed individuals to showcase who they really were, though using a different name. This is a traditional scene performed at the annual residence life shows. The scene was very eclectic. It represented individuals and their different walks of life and I appreciated being able to experience their world,” said GGC senior and resident assistant James Ralston. Residence Life has been creating this same tradition for the past five years, and every year has packed the house.

The residence life has an awesome holiday bash coming up soon and it is open to the GGC community

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