GGC, A Dry Campus…or is it?

By Rachel Patti

Communications Editor

Georgia Gwinnett College always preaches about how its campus is a ‘dry’ one, and that no alcohol is allowed on the premise.

There are many rules stating that any alcohol found on school property or inside the school’s residence life (now known as The Grands) will result in punishments ranging from probation for the current semester into the next two semesters, all the way to suspension of the school.

But what about all the double standards that are offered at this institution; when a Registered Student Organization puts in an event request, it gives them the option that says “will alcohol be served at this event?” Well, of course not!? GGC is a dry campus, which is “a term used for the banning of alcohol at colleges and universities, regardless of the owner’s age or intention to consume it elsewhere.” On this campus, God forbid if a student got caught drinking then they would get sent straight to Student Integrity.

But if you think about it, why is that option even listed or suggested on the event request form if alcohol is prohibited from Georgia Gwinnett?

There have been many situations in which this college has offered alcoholic beverages at its events, some including the Founder’s Day Dinner and the most recent alumni event at GGC 10’s Homecoming game on October 24, 2015. At the Homecoming game, to drink an alcoholic beverage, all that was required was a valid I.D. that proved the attendee was over the age of 21 and they were allowed to enter the ‘alumni’ tent were a bar was set up.

Events that are approved to have alcohol must be approved by the President’s Office or the Office of Development, but that still doesn’t excuse that fact that Georgia Gwinnett College considers itself to be a ‘dry campus’ when there is a fully stocked bar in the storage room for special/private events.

Aizaz Shaikh, a junior, SGA senator, and Four Pillars Society member, made the comment “That at events, such as homecoming, when the Four Pillars Society are required to volunteer, and alcohol is available, we students work off an honor system that we will not drink.”

With all these factors in play does this still make Georgia Gwinnett College a ‘dry campus,’ and is it fair that certain ‘special’ events are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages?


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