Friends with Benefits

I am a human being

I refuse to be subjugated to the status of a whore, a street girl

I work hard for my own apartment, my brand new car

I have battled my own hell and maintained conformity in this society that stamps a dollar sign on my head

You wish to treat me like 50 Shades of Grey that poor excuse of a love story

You do not respect me, you will never love me

You are toxic to my health

You do not deserve me

I am more powerful than you know

I was not put here for your pleasure

You see me as potential and nothing more

You wish to reap the benefits of my success but I do not need you as a coach, a mentor

I will be great without you

You are selfish, you are vain lies, and lies, and lies

You eat people from the inside out

The rage you have evoked has made me more powerful and wise I am better than you; for my human compassion outweighs my selfishness

I will hold on to what you want because

I must never let you revel in that pleasure

Signed, Alicia Marie Griffiths

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