Dragon Con parades back into town

GGC Students returned to Atlanta on Sept. 5 for another Labor Day weekend of jam-packed events including Dragon*Con’ s annual parade, which is one of the main attractions in the Dragon*Con convention.
“Going to ‘the con’ was definitely a weekend well spent, “ said GGC sophomore and Resident Assistant Armando Montiel.
On Sept. 5, streets were packed with characters from various different shows, video games, movies, fan fiction and so much more. Dragon*Con is a multiverse convention consisting of science fiction and fantasy characters. The world of Dragon*Con has continually brought individuals from all around the country with common interests for the past twenty-six years.
One of the main attractions that literally closed off streets in Atlanta was the Dragon* Con’s annual parade.
On Andrew Young International Boulevard and Peachtree Street you had the opportunity to check out various fictional characters whether it was the famous Elsa from the Disney movie, Frozen to Mass Effect’s very own Lara T’soni.
“Seeing this culture for the first time literally amazed me, I never realized how much dedication people would insert in creating these amazing life like costumes” said MaRico Lauderdale, GGC junior and education student.
The parade brought out nostalgic memories and gave individuals opportunities to create moments worth remembering.
“It’s one thing to see these characters on TV and read about them in articles but actually seeing the characters being brought to real life was something so wonderful, it was like seeing my childhood actually come to life, “ said Jazmine McDonald, GGC sophomore and orientation team leader.
During the parade individuals could see handcrafted floats and the famous Star Wars 501st legion marching in the parade.
GGC Senior Burley Mullins created multiple costumes for the weekend festivities.
“One of my costumes was Drogo from the Game of Thrones. It didn’t take too long to prep for my costume. I started with the waist piece, got three belts to piece it altogether and made a mockup out of craft foam.”
The Dragon*Con parade was a great opportunity for families to spend time together and create memorable moments with one another.
GGC’s very own Associate Director of Student Involvement and the Student Center, Rontai Walker, said, “This year I brought the whole family, my wife, daughter, and my 2 sons; we drove down; got really great seats, everyone was very excited. We also got to see a great mix of characters that my children were familiar with as well as characters that my wife and I were familiar with”.

By Quinn Mayes
Staff contributor

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