Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

The vision of The Globe is to grow a publication that will amplify the voice of the students at GGC, open lines of communication with administration, and also serve as a method of connecting GGC students to the greater community of Lawrenceville. As a student newspaper, The Globe provides meaningful opportunities for students to enhance their college experience through education, hands-on experience, leadership, ethics, and community involvement.

Mission Statement

The Globe is a voice for GGC’s students that will educate and unite the student body through informative articles and timely updates while highlighting the priorities and concerns of the community. The Globe staff members aim to seek out stories that are relevant to the campus and the community, prompting discussions, raising awareness, and connecting readers to the world around them. The Globe strives to report events truthfully and fairly, providing readers with the tools and information necessary to make informed opinions on current issues.
Editorials will be written fearlessly but fairly, seeking to draw attention to both achievements and challenges. We will exercise our First Amendment rights carefully and responsibly.
We are a student newspaper, which means we welcome and encourage contributions from any student who is interested, regardless of major or journalistic experience. However, we value and strive to uphold the principles of ethical journalism, as laid out by the Society of Professional Journalists:

  • Seek truth and report it — Journalists take responsibility for the accuracy of their words, verifying information before printing it. We will identify sources clearly, granting anonymity in only the most extreme cases. Writers will take care to provide context, and gather and update news information as needed in the development of a story. We will practice due diligence to allow subjects of news stories to respond to criticism and/or claims of wrongdoing.
  • Minimize harm — The Globe staff will treat subjects, sources, and colleagues with respect.
    Act independently — Journalists will serve the public while avoiding conflicts of interest and activities that may compromise integrity.
  • Be accountable and transparent — The Globe will respond to questions about clarity, accuracy, and fairness in our content. If mistakes are made, they will be acknowledged and corrected in a timely manner.

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