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The Globe at Georgia Gwinnett College seeks to unite, educate, and inform students through informative articles and timely updates.


History of The Globe

The opportunity of developing a student newspaper was first realized by the organization’s primary founder, Laura Walsh, in August of 2014.
In the fall semester of 2014, candidates for public office began making campaign visits to GGC and the surrounding areas. The political debates sparked by these visits motivated Laura to bring her idea of a student newspaper to a handful of fellow students and to Dr. Josephine Dawuni, who suggested an advisory board as a potential structure. Caitlin Sinclair, Rachel Patti, and Dejan Cavic were the first students to encourage the endeavor and commit to assisting with the publication.
Once the vision was solidified and other students were recruited, the Constitution was submitted to Student Involvement at the beginning of Spring 2015. The Globe became an approved registered student organization as of February 11, 2015. The founding members were Laura Walsh, Dejan Cavic, Caitlin Sinclair, Geoff Powers, Valerie Elkins, Gustave Habimana, Rachel Patti, and Dr. Laura Lea Bourland.


About Georgia Gwinnett College

GGC_seal1GGC is located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, in the heart of Gwinnett County. Gwinnett is a vibrant community 30 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta where a mixture of quiet postcard neighborhoods and bustling commercial districts blend the past with the present. Here, progress and quality of life connect so that everyone enjoys the small town ambience with all the amenities of a big city. Businesses and residents alike enjoy safe neighborhoods, good schools, modern infrastructure and a thriving economy.

Gwinnett County remains one of the most dynamic regions in the South to live and work with an estimated population of 859,304, and a population of 1.2 million projected by the year 2025.


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